Very Bad Fall

I fell very hard in the shower today. I hit my back on the shower chair twice, hit my head on the front wall of the shower, cut myself in a bunch of places, hurt my neck and am sore all over my body.

This wasn’t as bad as the fall in February but very close. This makes the 3rd fall in the last 7 days.

I’m distraught! I don’t know where to go from here. Part of me wishes I had stayed on the floor, not gotten up and waited to die. Now, I’m back in my chair waiting to die. I’m very grateful for the last 2 good days. I wish I had died.

Great Days

The past 2 days I’ve felt great! I can’t explain it and honestly can’t explain why. In one day I: thoroughly vacuumed the house, cleaned the house, went shopping, and had dinner out. This is huge for me. I see the doctor on Thursday and will be sure to tell him how things are going.

Charlie is a whore! He has learned how to work me. He sits on the chair with me during breakfast stairing at me with those big, sad eyes. I can’t help but give-in to him and share some eggs. Once the eggs are finished he very slowly leaves the chair, stretching as he shows me his hind quarters.

I’m very much looking forward to our good friends/family visiting at the end of this week. We planned to visit them earlier in the Summer; illness caused the cancellation of those trips. I’m looking forward to seeing them, catching-up and making plans.