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Charlie and I

I’m starting to heal from the fall 2 days ago. Black & blue, bruises, cuts, worsening headache and neck pain all contribute to making this fall a bad one. I see the doctor tomorrow (Thursday); I want to ask him about Hospice Palliative Care. There are many things wrong with me; each one of them will end my life. Hospice requires a single illness diagnosis capable of ending my life within the next 6 months in order to qualify for “terminal care.”

My body doesn’t move the way I would expect anymore. When I stand from sitting I need to put my legs against the front of the chair and slowly rise. As I’m standing my legs quiver; I’m never sure whether or not I’ll be standing or falling back into the chair. I no longer can stand without something to lean on. Standing in the middle of a room is impossible; I am guaranteed to fall. Walking happens with a cane or walker. Rising from sleeping requires rollin onto my side, working my feet onto the floor and using my arms as a lever to prop me into position to stand. Bottom line: moving doesn’t “happen.” Moving is a lot of work!

During my last visit with the doctor he told me to: “live life life until you can’t live anymore!” I needed to reevaluate how I live. I’m working on it. I appreciate any suggestions you, my reader, would have on new hobbies I might enjoy given my limitations. Please leave any suggestions in comments. I don’t display comments; feel free to be honest.

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  1. How about puzzles or latch hook rugs. When my hubby had toe surgery a few years back, he had to have his leg up for six weeks. One of my friends bought him a kit. When he got it, he said I could never do that, my hands are too big. Well guess what, he ended up making two. It’s very relaxing and may take your mind off your problems. You can get kits at Michaels. Hope something like that works for you. Hang in there Howard, you have a lot of people praying for you.

  2. I’m feeling bad that you’re struggling. It was a bad day for you Howard .😕 But tomorrow is a new day , you’re a very resilient man and come around . Thinking of you tomorrow when you see your Dr. I hope he has some options and answers for you . Sending you love with big hugs my friend . ♥️🤗 Marlene

  3. Well it sounds as if you know what helps you to sit/stand, walk so keep doing that. Keep a positive attitude no matter what….find the humor in it. Never stop.

    1. Thanks. Silly me, I keep getting up every time I get up. LOL we have been together for so long we can’t imagine life without each other-so I keep getting up after every fall.

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