“Day By Day”

As a kid I saw “Godspell” on Broadway. I loved the music, dance, and story. Today I am old and ill. A reader asked what causes me to suffer. I won’t bore you with a long list of illnesses. I suffer greatly with several painful and terminal illnesses. Despite pain medications I am always in pain. At best the pain is managed to level 7 of 10. The average pain level is 9.

I appreciate all your support! I am frequently homebound. Your emails, comments, likes and occasional cards improve my attitude, ease pain and help me feel not alone.

Everyday I wake approaching things with the best possible attitude. At the end of the day I am at the top level of the pain scale. Each morning I also evaluate whether or not I can go on from here. “Day by Day” I choose to live or die.

4 thoughts on ““Day By Day””

  1. Howard that’s the Best way , take it day by day . I admire your spunk and determination. Just keep thinking positive, they say it’s helps heal ( I know you say you’re past that 😢). It will make your day seem a little better . I look for positive quotes to help me see things through a different light . Hugs from us to you Howard . 🤗💙💙

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