Healing & Moving

I’m starting to heal from the fall 2 days ago. Black & blue, bruises, cuts, worsening headache and neck pain all contribute to making this fall a bad one. I see the doctor tomorrow (Thursday); I want to ask him about Hospice Palliative Care. There are many things wrong with me; each one of them will end my life. Hospice requires a single illness diagnosis capable of ending my life within the next 6 months in order to qualify for “terminal care.”

My body doesn’t move the way I would expect anymore. When I stand from sitting I need to put my legs against the front of the chair and slowly rise. As I’m standing my legs quiver; I’m never sure whether or not I’ll be standing or falling back into the chair. I no longer can stand without something to lean on. Standing in the middle of a room is impossible; I am guaranteed to fall. Walking happens with a cane or walker. Rising from sleeping requires rollin onto my side, working my feet onto the floor and using my arms as a lever to prop me into position to stand. Bottom line: moving doesn’t “happen.” Moving is a lot of work!

During my last visit with the doctor he told me to: “live life life until you can’t live anymore!” I needed to reevaluate how I live. I’m working on it. I appreciate any suggestions you, my reader, would have on new hobbies I might enjoy given my limitations. Please leave any suggestions in comments. I don’t display comments; feel free to be honest.